Cleaning out the freezer…



This week starts the beginning of week nine. Hopefully everyone is seeing some results, I know I am. I am trying to start some small exercises to help tone up that not so flattering flab.

I found this 10 minute no equipment required workout that is similar to Pilates. This can be done pretty much anywhere. Hope you enjoy it.


Cleaning Out the Freezer…..

A few weeks ago Meijer had bone in chicken thighs as well as pork chops for like 99 cents a pound. Well its time to use these up and clear some room in the freezer.

Remember roasted veggies,  Aldi instant mashed potatoes, and Aldi ready cook whole grain rice all make great sides.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 7.15.16 AM.png

I do want to share that I did find a 0 point ketchup and 0 point bbq sauce. I found mine at Meijer and Walmart. For the low price of $30 you can get it on Amazon, however Walmart grocery has them for about $3-$4 a bottle.


This weeks fine recipe selections:

5 point- chicken parmesan pasta

3 point WW Pork Chops

Weight Watchers Pork Chops | 3 Freestyle Smart Points

3 point Slow cooker Chicken tikka masala

4 point salmon burgers

I get my salmon burgers at Sam’s Club and they come in a box of 12. I cook these on the George Foreman or in a skillet and eat them on a 2 point skinny roll from Kroger/Aldi. You can top with whatever garden toppings you wish. You can add lite mayo for one point or you can make your own tartar sauce with light mayo, dill relish, and Worcestershire sauce.

1 point egg roll in a bowl with 2 point wontons

Costco has these AH-MAZ-ZZING wontons. You can have 8 for 2 points!


They go great with the egg roll in a bowl! These are found in the freezer aisle.


I hope everyone has a great week! If you have any requests please feel free to comment so that we can try to find some quick and easy recipes 🙂


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